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Dear Fellow Record Collectors,

Brookvale Records is an independently owned boutique record label in West Babylon, NY specializing in vinyl releases. We produce the highest-quality vinyl available today with some of the greatest artists in the world. Incredible effort and pride go into every detail of our work, and we are dedicated to honoring and respecting each artist’s original vision. By any measure, a Brookvale Records release is a true piece of art inside and out. After obtaining the original master tapes or seeking out the best available sources for the material, we work tirelessly to produce the best sounding audio imaginable for the vinyl format. Our outstanding quality control process ensures you’ll receive the quietest, flattest, and finest vinyl records possible. And when it comes to artwork and packaging, our designers reproduce every detail of the bands artistic vision while often adding a modern touch to the jacket. At Brookvale Records, packaging is just as important as sound.

Like many of our customers, we are true record collectors ourselves. We opened our thriving Long Island, NY record store, Looney Tunes (visit us at, way back in 1971 and founded this record label 10 years ago with the goal of giving new life to the thriving vinyl marketplace. Remember, not all record labels that offer vinyl are created equal!

If you see our Brookvale Records logo on an album, you can be assured you’re holding the absolute highest-quality release imaginable.

Enjoy the music!

Karl Jr.

Karl Groeger Jr.
CEO/President, Brookvale Records